Dobot Rigiet Gimbal 3-Axis Steadycam Camera for Smartphone +GoPro Attachment

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DOBOT Rigiet, black, Standing Box - Stabilize your vision - gimbal for an ideal smartphone photo/video experience including Go-Pro attachment
Auto - Track Function to catch every moment of a previously marked object
three precision motors that give an professional stabalizing effect with up to 0,01� precision
free App for iOS and Android to control gimbal and enable all functions
easy-to-use control panel allwoing user to quickly change between different camera modes or front and rear camera
Rigiet includes a rechargable and changeable battery with 3340mAh that can simultaniously charge your phone while usage and can even be charged via external power source
the exquisite design of precision motors allows gimbal position to be changed in all-around axis in a flexible manner
compatible for Smartphone up to 15,2x8,5x0,9cm (LxWxH) and 260g - e.g. Iphone X or Galaxy S 8
1 Year