Ecopad Coffeeduck Nespresso Coffee Machine Refillable Pods Black

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Coffeeduck Espresso-cups are refillable cups for the Nespresso coffee machine. With Coffeeduck coffee is cheap durable and exactly to your liking with your own favourite flavour.

This improved Nespresso cup lasts even longer and fits in all Nespresso machines!

If properly used the Coffeeduck presents you with a great taste and the perfect crème collar on top of your nespresso. The espresso coffee blend MUST have a consistent fine grind, which means that all grains have the same size. The coffee has to be burned the Espresso way!

Filling the Espresso cup is easy and only takes seconds.

Always making delicious coffee easily
The refillable Espresso cup is dishwasher safe and lasts for years
Retains collar cream
Eco friendly
Very profitable
1 Year