Philips Water Filter Cartridge Saeco Espresso Machine CA6702/10

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The best water for a more tasteful coffee.
Freshly filtered water ensures intense aroma.
The innovative BRITA INTENZA+ water filter cartridge has been specially developed to protect your valuable Philips Saeco espresso machine against limescale. It filters the water, intensifying the aroma and pure taste of your coffee.
for Saeco Espresso machines
Intensive coffee aroma
Adjustable water filter settings
Freshly filtered water for a richer coffee aroma

Reliable machine protection
More efficient brewing process
Protects your system against lime-scale build-up
Only use Philips consumables

Prolong lifetime
Cleaner water prolongs the life of your espresso machine

Ready to use
Click & go system
Replace every 2 months
1 water filter cartridge
1 Year