Sitecom Mini DisplayPort Adapter Mini DisplayPort to VGA Female / HDMI output

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Connect an HDMI or VGA screen
The CN-347 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI / VGA 2-in-1 Adapter from Sitecom lets you connect your Mini DisplayPort devices like a MacBook, MacBook Air, Chromebook or Windows notebook to a TV, monitor or projector that uses HDMI or VGA.

View your movies on the big screen
Watch video content from your computer on a large screen TV or home projector. Connected to an HDMI screen, the adapter can transmit both the video and audio signal, no additional audio cable is needed. To enjoy a first class home-cinema experience when connected to a VGA screen, simply plug a 3.5 mm jack cable into your computer and connect it with your TV, soundbar or speakers.

Increase your productivity
You can also use the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI / VGA 2-in-1 Adapter to extend your notebook's desktop to a larger screen and increase your productivity or mirror the content to let your audience see what you are seeing.

Crystal-clear picture
The two-in-one adapter supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and provides a crystal-clear viewing experience on every screen.
1 Year